Healthy Start Learning Academies provide an opportunity for grantees to take a deep dive into a specific topic (e.g., Quality Improvement, Community Action Networks, Fatherhood) and prepare them to apply their learnings to their Healthy Start program’s day-to-day activities. Throughout a series of monthly lectures, required readings, and assignments, participants will learn from evidence-based practices, build their knowledge and develop core skills on a specific topic.

Each of the Healthy Start Learning Academies is connected to a specific topic associated with the four HS approaches and 19 HS benchmarks. Learning Academies will be facilitated by subject matter experts, in partnership with TASC staff, over a period of approximately 5 months.

Learning Academies are open to all Healthy Start staff members. There is no application required but participants are required to register to attend each lecture. Participants should be prepared to attend all lectures and devote five hours per month to the Learning Academy, including attending the monthly lectures and completing all assigned readings and assignments. Assignments will be designed to support HS projects in implementing evidence-based practices and making improvements to better serve the women, infants, fathers, and families in their communities. Multiple staff members from each site are encouraged to attend the Learning Academies and partner together to complete assignments. That said, staff are not required to attend lectures or complete assignments with a partner.

Following the conclusion of the initial Learning Academy, lectures, required readings, and assignments will be posted to the EPIC website in an e-learning format. This will allow those who cannot attend the live sessions to participate in the Learning Academy. This online format will be ideal for new Healthy Start staff members and those staff members hoping to further their professional development by gaining a deeper understanding of these key topics.


Quality Improvement (QI) Learning Academy

TASC is pleased to announce its first Learning Academy focused on Quality Improvement. The goal of the Quality Improvement Learning Academy is to build grantee knowledge and develop grantee skills around Quality Improvement (QI), to support them in achieving their programmatic goals and meeting the Healthy Start benchmarks.

The Quality Improvement Learning Academy is a 5-part series that will run from February to June 2021. For more information and to register for the Quality Improvement Learning Academy sessions please click here.