The Healthy Start TA & Support Center (TASC) invites to provide feedback to us by participating in our Annual Assessment! This assessment will take approximately 25 minutes to complete. Please consider printing the assessment and reviewing with your staff prior to completing online. You may also benefit from gathering the following project-specific materials in advance:  list of key personnel and staff job descriptions, project workplan, SMART objectives and list of project partners.

To access the survey, please click here or scan the QR code below.

Over the past year and a half, the TASC team at NICHQ has had the honor of providing the 101 Healthy Start grantees with capacity building assistance (CBA) and technical assistance (TA) to foster improved project performance. Many of the TASC’s activities over the past year were informed by a Needs Assessment conducted in Fall 2019, which helped us identify the CBA and TA needs of Healthy Start programs and equipped us to develop a responsive CBA curriculum and plan. Thank you for working with us to establish a great foundation for the TASC.

Since last Fall, the COVID-19 pandemic and the reinvigoration of the racial justice movement has profoundly impacted the country, including the 101 Healthy Start programs. The TASC has worked to address Healthy Start programs’ changing needs during these challenging times through innovative topical webinar offerings, 1:1 TA with subject matter experts, and new cohort and training opportunities. As we approach the end of 2020, the TASC would like to reconnect with all 101 Project Directors to reassess their program’s needs and tailor its CBA curriculum and plan for 2021 accordingly.

The 2020 Annual Assessment is your opportunity to share your programs challenges and successes, voice your pressing needs, and shape the TA and CBA activities for the year to come. Your responses will help the TASC better understand how the pandemic is impacting your ability to serve clients and how we can best support you in meeting your goals of addressing the four Healthy Start approaches and 19 benchmarks. We look forward to hearing from all 101 of you and learning how we can best serve you in the months to come. This year’s Annual Assessment is more essential than ever, as we will all enter 2021 in continuing times of uncertainty during this pandemic.

Thank you for your time, consideration, and continued dedication to supporting women, infants, their families, and their partners throughout the country!

2019 Healthy Start Needs Assessment

In 2019, the Healthy Start TA & Support Center conducted a Needs Assessment to identify CBA needs of HS programs and develop a responsive CBA curriculum and plan. Between August 2019 and November 2019, HS staff from NICHQ’s Department of Applied Research and Evaluation (DARE) led and/or participated in three needs assessment activities:

  1. Discussions with Project Officers (POs) in the Division of Healthy Start and Perinatal Services (DHSPS) at the Health Resources and Services Administration’s (HRSA) Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB)
  2. In-person focus groups with key stakeholders at the National Healthy Start Association (NHSA) meeting
  3. A survey sent to all Project Directors (PDs) of HS programs.

To view the report synthesizing the 2019 Needs Assessment findings, please click here.

On January 28, 2020, the TA & Support Center hosted a webinar where they summarized and discussed the results of the 2019 Needs Assessment. To access the slides and watch the recording from that webinar, please click here.