Virtual Healthy Start Grantees’ Meeting: Healthy Start Lunch Networking Café*


The Healthy Start Lunch Networking Cafés are a venue for holding strategic conversations that inspire collective thinking and engagement.  Sessions are hosted each day from 2-3 p.m. EST.

During the upcoming Virtual Healthy Start Grantees’ Meeting, the Division of Healthy Start and Perinatal Services (DHSPS) and the Healthy Start TA & Support Center hope to provide attendees with opportunities to make authentic connections with other members of the Healthy Start community. One way we will do this is by offering a series of Healthy Start Lunch Networking Cafés during the lunch hour each day.


What is the Lunch Networking Café?

Each virtual Lunch Networking Café session will focus on a specific topic and will provide a designated space to explore questions, reflections, and ideas submitted by you and your colleagues ahead of time. These discussion spaces will provide an opportunity to practice intentional conversation despite the virtual nature of the meeting. We realize there are a myriad of challenges projects face when addressing the Healthy Start benchmarks and we hope these lunch sessions provide a space to share and hear about the expertise among the 101 grantees.


What topics do the Lunch Networking Café Sessions Cover?

Below is a list of the topics for each Lunch Networking Café:

Day 1 (Wednesday, June 24)

  • Consumers: A Space for Healthy Start Consumers
  • Sustainability: Building and Maintaining a Sustainability Plan for Your Program
  • COVID-19: Meeting Your Clients Needs During and Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Project Directors/Program Managers: Connecting with Colleagues to Discuss Aspects of Program Management

Day 2 (Thursday, June 25)

  • Consumers: A Space for Healthy Start Consumers
  • Community Action Network (CAN): Building and Strengthening the Capacity of Your CAN
  • Evaluation: What Keeps Evaluators Up at Night?
  • Breastfeeding: Challenges of Meeting the Breastfeeding Benchmarks

Day 3 (Friday, June 26)

  • Consumers: A Space for Healthy Start Consumers
  • Maternal Mortality: How Do We Begin to Address Maternal Mortality?
  • Fatherhood: How to Better Connect Fathers to Healthy Start Program Services


How can I participate in the Lunch Networking Café?

  1. Submit a question:

Over the next week leading up to the meeting, you are invited to submit up to two questions or thoughts about the topic or a success story describing how you have successfully met the Healthy Start benchmark related to the topic. Your question or success story should be brief. These sessions provide a space for conversations to inspire others; they are not a space for formal presentations. To submit a question, thought, or success story, please click here.

  1. Join a session (or three!):

Choose a Lunch Networking Café session to participate in each day. If you do not submit a question ahead of time, you are still more than welcome to join, listen to the questions and answers, and share your reflections and reactions in the chat box.


We look forward to seeing you all on June 24-26 and hope you find these Lunch Networking Cafés inspiring and engaging!


* The Healthy Start Lunch Networking Café design is adapted from World Café.