Birthing Project USA

African-American maternal and child health program that encourages better birth outcomes by providing support to women during pregnancy and for one year after birth. Aims to assist local communities in improving health status by addressing the systemic causes, including lack of education, lack of social justice, and economic disparities compounded by institutional political and personal barriers. Birthing Projects actively engage community residents in identifying their needs; implementing and evaluating services; and working collaboratively with other agencies, organizations and individuals. Also provides guidance and support to fathers. The Birthing Project concept has grown into a nationally recognized model which has been replicated in more than 90 communities.

Birthing Project USA, AMCHP (Association of Maternal & Child Health Providers) 2012 Birth Outcomes Compendium, 1988

Evidence Rating: II

Cost: Volunteer

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Life Course Model Partner Involvement Risk Assessment

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Postpartum Prenatal

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