Thanks to the collective efforts of Healthy Start CoIIN members, MCH Bureau officersJSI/EPIC Staff and Healthy Start grantees, together we have developed and refined a set of standardized, evidence-based screening tools that will substantially improve our ability to document our participants’ needs for care coordination and satisfy our required reporting.   These screening tools received official OMB approval in November 2016 and are ready for implementation. The Healthy Start EPIC has created opportunities to assist you with implementation.

Screening Tools for Data Collection through March 2019

HRSA has given the HS EPIC Center permission to post the OMB approved versions of these tools here for easy access. 

Current versions of the screening tools are available below.  A complete list of updates to the tools is available in the Table of Updates. The date of each change is noted in this document. No substantive changes will be made to the screening tools that may affect data collection or reporting after March 2017.

Since March 2017, EPIC has received a number of questions from grantees implementing the tools which benefited from clarification.  In response, selected instructions have been updated to provide clarity. None of these clarifications affect the data collection or the data export but they do ensure that all grantees are interpreting questions consistently.

The EPIC Center is maintaining a list of enhancements to the tools that require IRB approval.  If you have comments or changes, you are encouraged to contact EPIC and they will record the proposed change.

Spanish Versions:

In addition to completing the OMB-approved screening tools as indicated for each perinatal phase, repeat screening of select questions will ensure that programs capture the best data to inform performance measures. It is recommended that the program re-screen participants at least once near the end of the perinatal period.  If more frequent update screening is performed, the most recent data will overwrite prior responses and will be used to calculate performance measures.