Healthy Start Regional Meeting (NC, SC, TN, VA, WV)

Meeting Materials:

Father/Partner Involvement Participant Recruitment and Retention Quality Improvement

Healthy Start Regional Meeting (PA)

Meeting Materials:

Common Agenda Father/Partner Involvement Participant Recruitment and Retention Socio-emotional Development for Children

Ask the Expert: Incorporating Social Media Into Your Infant Mortality Awareness Month Activities

Healthy Start projects across the country participate in the annual observance of September as Infant Mortality Awareness Month to raise awareness of Healthy Start’s role in addressing disparate infant mortality rates. Social media provides low cost ways to bring greater awareness to your Infant Mortality Awareness Month activities. This webinar is designed to showcase practical ways to use social media to promote your Healthy Start activities.

Following this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Understand how to be a part of the national social media presence for Infant Mortality Awareness Month.
  • Add social media to their existing events.
  • Understand how to submit events and photos to the HS EPIC Center for national promotion on social media.

Webinar Materials:


National Healthy Start Association (NHSA)

NHSA is committed to improving birth outcomes and health disparities that exist within communities of color throughout the US. As the membership association for Healthy Start programs nationwide, NHSA promotes the development of community-based maternal and child health programs, particularly those addressing the issues of infant mortality, low birth weight and racial disparities in perinatal outcomes.

Breastfeeding Early Elective Delivery Prenatal Care and Education Reproductive Life Planning/Family Planning

2015 Healthy Start Convention

On November 16-18, 2015, all Healthy Start grantees attended the 2015 Healthy Start Convention: Achieving Measurable Outcomes that Make a Difference for Women, Families, and Communities in Washington, DC.

The purpose of the Convention was to convene the Healthy Start grantee community to build momentum, garner synergy, and propel the Healthy Start initiative towards greater success in improving perinatal health outcomes by sharing best practices, building skills, and increasing knowledge for providing high-quality services to women and their families.

Materials from the Convention are available below.

Plenary Sessions

Breakout Session I: Collective Impact Peer Learning Network (PLN)

Breakout Session II: Quality Improvement to Strengthen Service Delivery

Breakout Session III: Enhancing Quality Service Delivery (Resources, Training, and Information)

Breakout Session IV: Strengthening Communication/Marketing Strategies

Project Management 101

Breastfeeding Communication Program evaluation Quality Improvement Reproductive Life Planning/Family Planning

Healthy Start Regional Meeting (CO, MN, NV, OR, SD, WI)

Meeting Materials:

Communication Community Engagement Quality Improvement

Ask the Expert: Launching Our Learning Together: Using Peer Learning Networks to Achieve Collective Impact

In an effort to support the Healthy Start Community of Grantees as we strive to “Achieve Collective Impact”, the EPIC Center will be launching six peer learning networks (PLN) each targeting a subset of HS grantees. The PLNs will be co-facilitated by a team member from both the Healthy Start Grantee Community and the EPIC Center. The PLNs will provide the opportunity for all grantees to learn from their peers, dive into more CI content, get exposed to additional CI tools that can assist when working through each of the CI conditions, and develop an action plan reflective of the unique characteristics and phase each grantee is currently in.

We are excited about the opportunity to create space to both learn from one another and highlight examples from the Healthy Start field as we continue the Collective Impact journey. Please participate on this webinar to learn more about the launching of the Collective Impact Peer Learning Networks.   This webinar would be appropriate for (but not exclusive to)  Healthy Start Project Directors, Program and Backbone staff involved with the Community Action Networks/Collective Impact Initiatives, Chairs/Key Stakeholders in leadership roles on the CAN/CI initiatives.

Webinar Materials:

Backbone Organization Common Agenda Continuous Communication Mutually Reinforcing Activities Shared Measurement

Hear From Your Peer: Healthy Start Client Recruitment Strategies

Are you wondering what other Healthy Start grantees are doing regarding client recruitment? Join this webinar and hear general client recruitment themes from the larger Healthy Start grantee community and recruitment strategies from one Level 3 Healthy Start grantee, MomsFirst in Cleveland, Ohio. The webinar will highlight MomsFirst’s experience with population segmentation and building strategic partnerships with family planning and school-based health in an urban setting. Time will be allotted for your questions and comments. Continued discussion opportunities following the webinar will also be offered.

By the end of the webinar, participants will be able to:

  • State at least three common recruitment strategies from the Healthy Start grantee profiles
  • List examples of client recruitment strategies for three different population segments
  • Explain the importance of applying recruitment lessons learned in the design of recruitment strategies

Webinar Materials: 

Communication Community and Organizational Partnerships Community Engagement Community Needs Assessment EBP Implementation

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