Services provided by the Healthy Start EPIC Center

The Healthy Start (HS) EPIC Center provides assistance to support HS grantees in achieving program goals. The HS EPIC Center helps to strengthen staff skills to implement evidence-based practices in maternal and child health, Hispanic_Pregnant_couplefacilitates grantee-to-grantee sharing of expertise and lessons from the field, enables grantees to conduct ongoing evaluation of activities for effectiveness, and builds program capacity to work with community partners to improve health and social service systems for women, infants and families.

Training and Technical Assistance (TA)

Training and TA are mutually reinforcing capacity building activities that are timely and relevant. Training builds individual core competencies and organizational capacities to increase reach and effectiveness of Healthy Start programs. TA provides in-depth assistance to an individual grantee or group of grantees that is tailored to their unique needs, contexts, and environments. Training and TA are “data-driven” and designed to address specific needs and gaps identified by grantees, Project Officers, needs assessments, performance monitoring, and program evaluation. Review this document for an overview of HS EPIC Center Resources for grantees.


Healthy Start Collaborative Innovation and Improvement Network (HS CoIIN)

The HS CoIIN functions as an Advisory Council to the Division of Healthy Start and Perinatal Services (DHSPS) and the HS EPIC Center. HS CoIIN members serve as liaisons between all grantees, DHSPS, and the HS EPIC Center and make recommendations to strengthen the Healthy Start program. The primary HS CoIIN goals are to:

  • Identify priorities for CBA to be provided to the 100 HS grantees
  • Promote communication among/between grantees, DHSPS, and the HS EPIC Center
  • Brainstorm, test, and recommend opportunities for advancing the HS program
  • Disseminate lessons learned to the HS community

The HS EPIC Center provides logistical support and facilitation for the HS CoIIN.


Resources and Tools

The Healthy Start EPIC Center curates and creates reference materials, guidance resources, and tools to support grantees in implementing the HS model and delivering HS services.